About The Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association at the University of Charleston, South Carolina, at the College of Charleston, is primarily responsible for acting as a liaison between graduate students, the graduate school, and other departments on campus and within the Charleston community. GSA represents graduate student interests at important meetings, conducts annual reviews, plans social and community outreach activities specifically for graduate students, and manages sub-organization budgets.

The GSA is headed by an Executive Board consisting of the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.  More information can be found below.



The executives of the GSA have varied responsibilities including: leading monthly graduate student council meetings, maintaining budgets and records, planning semester programs, and reviewing grant applications. 

President: Edward Longe

Edward is a second year student in the MA History program. The President is the chief executive officer of the GSA. He acts as the official representative of the Graduate Student Body, plans and conducts GSA elections, and chairs the Executive Board. 

Vice-President: Courtney Lawrence

Courtney is a first year student in the MBA program. Her responsibilities in the GSA consists of chairing the judicial committee, chairing meetings of the Graduate Student Council, and ensuring that Sub-Organizations adhere to the policies and procedures of the GSA. 

Secretary [Interim]: Meghan Olson

Meghan was appointed to the position of Secretary of the GSA in May 2016. She is currently a second year in the MS Historic Preservation program. Meghan is responsible for keeping all records of the GSA, including minutes of the Graduate Student Council and minutes of the Executive Board meetings. 

Treasurer: Jamie Mansbridge

Jamie is a second year student in the MA History program. The Treasurer maintains the budget for GSA and its sub-organizations. It is his responsibility to head the Appropriations Committee and stay involved with any fundraising projects deemed necessary by the Graduate Student Council.


Representatives from each sub-organization will be asked to join a general assembly committee at the beginning of each academic year. These committees, along with the GSA Executive Board, form the executive body of the GSA.  More information about committees may be found below.

Graduate Student Representation

Chair: TBC

The Graduate Representation & Student Welfare committee represents the graduate voice in addition to the President at various committee meetings on the College of Charleston campus.


Chair: Jamie Mansbridge 

The Appropriations Committee is chaired by the GSA Treasurer and consists of the constituent sub-organization treasurers which receive funds from the GSA.

Social Activities

Chair: TBC

The Social Activities Committee is responsible for the planning and execution of the various social events sponsored by the GSA.

Community Outreach

Chair: TBC

The Community Outreach committee organizes volunteer opportunities with local non-profit organizations open to all graduate students at the College of Charleston.



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GSC Monthly Meetings

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) meets monthly to discuss graduate student operations and upcoming events. Please join us at our next meeting! Unless otherwise states, all GSC meetings are to be held in the Stern Center Ballroom at 5:30. Food, non-alcoholic beverages and CofC swag will be available.

2016-2017 GSC Meeting Schedule:

Sub-Organization Orientation: September 10, 2016

January 20th 2017

February 17th 2017

March 17th 2017

April 21st 2017

Office Hours

Randolph Hall, 310

Edward Longe Monday 2pm-4pm

Courtney Lawrence Wednesday 11am - 1pm

Meghan Olson Thursday 2pm-4pm

Jamie Mansbridge Friday 2pm-4pm