Grant Information

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) at the College of Charleston awards grants of up to $500 per student per academic year to be used toward conducting or disseminating research done as part of a student’s thesis or capstone project.  The GSA also grants awards for professional development.  

  • Awards used for travel are disbursed as a reimbursement following travel.
  • Awards used for research activities are accessed using the Grant Procurement Request form

Grant awards may be used towards travel expenses, including: airfare, gas, accommodation, and conference/meeting registration fees; or for research needs, such as materials or sample analysis directly related to a thesis or capstone projects.

By signing the agreement in the application (Page 3), all students awarded grants agree to share their travel experience or research goals either at the next GSA meeting or in a guest blog post.

The Grant Procurement Request form and links to the the travel forms and the College’s policy on student travel can be found on on the Applications and Forms page.

Submission Deadlines

FALL applications deadline must submit their application materials prior to the last day of the Fall semester.

SPRING applications deadline must submit their application materials prior to the last day of the Spring semester.

SUMMER applications deadline must complete their travel and be reimbursed or receive any research materials ordered prior to June 20.


  1. Student status: Current graduate student at the College of Charleston, and
  2. Attendance/participation: Either
  • Be an active member of a formally recognized GSA sub-organization that is in compliance with the GSA sub-organization attendance policy (having two representatives at each GSA meetings).


  • Individually attend at least two GSA meetings.

The following GSA sub-organizations may fulfill the attendance/participation requirement for students in their respective student organizations:

  • Master of Business Administration Association (MBAA)
  • Master of Communication Student Association (MCSA)
  • Graduate Education Organization (GEO)
  • Graduate English Association (GEA)
  • Master of Environmental Studies Student Association (MESSA)
  • Master of Historic Preservation Club (MHPC)
  • Graduate Historical Society (GHS)
  • Master of Public Administration Student Association (MPASA)
  • Child Life
  • Graduate Students of Color Association (GSCA)

Students not actively participating in one of the above graduate student organizations may only satisfy the attendance/participation requirement by individually attending at least two GSA meetings. Students in any of the aforementioned graduate student organizations may still be eligible for grant funding through individual attendance, if their graduate student organization doesn’t satisfy the attendance/participation requirement.

We understand that it may not always be possible for a student individually qualifying for the attendance/participation criterion to attend two meetings prior to traveling. The GSA Executive Board keeps track of meeting attendance, so as long as the student attends two meetings during the academic year they will remain eligible for funding. 

Application Components

The GSA Research & Travel Grant application can be found here. The application will require the user to upload the following items to the application (in Word, Excel, or PDF format):

  • Abstract
  • Resume or CV
  • Detailed budget of how the requested funds will be used AND the amount requested
  • Letter of reference
  • Signed agreement 

The GSA Executive Board reviews many grant applications during the academic year, and for this reason it is extremely important that the abstract and project description are brief. The level of detail for the budget should reflect how the amounts were determined and that they were the most economical. All applications are reviewed by the Appropriations Committee and the GSA Treasurer based on the quality of the materials submitted.

Group Travel

Students attending the same conference/meeting may travel as a group and split the cost of travel. In this instance, one student may be identified as the main point of contact and take the responsibility of all receipts for reimbursement. Students opting for group travel will only need to submit one Domestic Travel Waiver and one Travel Authorization. Each student seeking funding must submit their own application, determine their budget collectively and what each student will request on their own, state that they are traveling in a group of students and provide the size of group they are traveling in. Please contact the GSA Treasurer at for any assistance needed.

Completing an Application

A complete application consists of all of the elements listed above, including all the appropriate signatures. 

Applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis, and money is granted accordingly. As such, it is possible that all the money allocated to support research in a particular semester may be allocated before the end of that semester, so please get your applications in early. All applicants will be notified by email of any award within 2 weeks of a deadline.

Any questions or concerns may, of course, be directed to

Travel Documents

Students traveling to conferences or meetings, regardless of receiving GSA funding, must fill out and submit the following forms:

All of these forms may be accessed through the Applications and Forms page. These forms are a requirement of the College of Charleston.

Domestic Travel Waiver

Description pending

Travel Authorization 

Description pending

**These two forms must be submitted to the Controller’s Office, located in the basement of the Lightsey Center at 160 Calhoun Street at least 4 days prior to departure.**

Travel Reimbursement 

**This form is required to report all travel-related expenses incurred by the student. The form must be filled out correctly and be accompanied by the original itemized receipts for the expenses to be reimbursed. All of the account (index) numbers for each source of funding (e.g. GSO, GSA, program department). This form should be turned in to the Controller’s Office following travel.**

**This form is submitted to the Controller’s Office with all appropriate travel receipts within 2 weeks following the trip.**

Grant Application

Agreement and Signatures To be submitted with the application

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