The Graduate Student Association serves as the umbrella organization for graduate sub organizations. These groups are often program specific, however, this is not a requirement. Sub organizations facilitate social events and academic advancement within their respective programs. Membership is usually afforded upon enrollment. Below is a list of all current GSA recognized sub organizations and their respective presidents. 

  • Masters of Communication Student Association (MCSA)
    • President: Brandy Francis
  • Child Life Graduate Student Organization (Child Life)
    • President: Jacqueline Haight 
  • Graduate Education Organization (GEO)
    • President: Jamie Dukett
  • Graduate English Association (GEA)
    • President: Ryan Mears
  • Graduate Historical Society (GHS)
    • President: Bradford Pelletier 
  • Masters of Business Administration Association (MBAA)
    • President: Andrew MacLatchie
  • Masters of Environmental Studies Association (MESSA)
    • President: Catharine Parker
  • Masters of Public Administration Student Association (MPASA) 
    • President: Janna Peterson
  • Masters of Historic Preservation (MHP)
    • President: Alena Franco
  • Graduate Students of Color 
    • President: Kimberly Dionne Gailliard
  • League of Extraordinary Creative Writers
    • President: Bradley Becker
  • Graduate Computer Science Association 
    • President: Callum Brill


All graduate students are encouraged to attend GSA meetings. Most students join the GSA as a delegate from their respective sub-organization. These representatives, along with the executive board, form the Graduate Student Council [GSC]. The GSC is the legislative body of the GSA and is therefore responsible for approving policy and actions as required by the constitution. 


The GSA executive board are always excited to hear suggestions for new sub organizations. Please contact us should you be interested in establishing a new sub organization.

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GSC Monthly Meetings

The Graduate Student Council (GSC) meets monthly to discuss graduate student operations and upcoming events. Please join us at our next meeting! Unless otherwise states, all GSC meetings are to be held in the Stern Center Ballroom at 5:30. Food, non-alcoholic beverages and CofC swag will be available.

2016-2017 GSC Meeting Schedule:

Sub-Organization Orientation: September 10, 2016

January 20th 2017

February 17th 2017

March 17th 2017

April 21st 2017

Office Hours

Randolph Hall, 310

Edward Longe Monday 2pm-4pm

Courtney Lawrence Wednesday 11am - 1pm

Meghan Olson Thursday 2pm-4pm

Jamie Mansbridge Friday 2pm-4pm